I       N       T       E       R       I       O       R       S


16 - Green Roof being installed.

15 - View of completed structure house from the lake.

14 - A Spring site visit to make a further assessment of the framework.

13 - Decking complete - ready for house framework.

12 - The foundations are completed and the framework is near completion.  Viewing positions as reviewed to ensure sight-lines to the lake are optimised through windows and glass doors.  

11 - A helicopter ride helps assess the selected site - this is the last opportunity to make alterations to exact positioning and orientation. A living 'green roof' is proposed to minimise visual impact.  For its size this will be a very discreet house.

10 - The site is cleared to reveal the footprint.  All trees immediately beyond the footings are retained to help conceal the house on completion.

- Site survey for Planning and Foundations.  Distances from Protected Wetlands and the Shoreline dictate final positioning of the house.

8 - Structural Engineering drawings are prepared by Blackwells

7 - CGIs visually express the concept to the client for discussion and approval. On acceptance detailed drawings are produced.

6 - A rough 'sketch-up' space planning exercise to determine relationship between fenestration, ceiling heights, and roof pitch.  Transport of materials to the island require utilising lumber rather than steels so modular framing is selected.

5 - Sketches are drawn up for discussion with HVAC engineers.  All services such as heating grills and vents are to be concealed.

4 - On-site assessment of the selected plot to check elevations and topography for foundations.  The longitudinal axis of the house is marked for review.  

3 - A rough concept sketch from a boat to give an idea of the potential integration of the low single-storey house behind the tree-line. We propose a partially concealed setting to minimise impact.

2 - Summer and Winter sun tracking is checked to ensure optimum solar harvesting.  The house will be totally off-grid so this is a determining factor in location and orientation of the house.

1 - Krag are appointed to design a family home on a private island in Ontario. Flying over the island allows for a unique survey of potential building sites.